3 March 2015

♥ Skin Care Routine

Skin care routine
I think that a simple skin care is more efficient. Finding the right products which will work for you is more important than using loads of products.

Here I am presenting you my current skin care routine.

27 February 2015

♥ MAC Vintage Rose Cream blush

Finally I have my first cream blush! I am not much into makeup and I don't hoard makeup. So I wanted to have one staple blush which will always go well with my skin tone. I finally settled down for MAC Vintage Rose.

It is a multi-usage cream color base. I have olive skin tone (warm) with yellow undertones. So I opted for a blush with orange-pink base. I use my fingers to apply it. I don't prefer a stippling brush because I can control the amount of blush when I use my fingers. And building up the colour is easy as it is easily blend-able. I just started wearing it and I am loving it so far. It has a pretty good staying power. 

19 February 2015

♥ On time with Pierre Lannier

I feel that watches make me feel more matured. It is lady-like to take a look at my watch instead of taking out my phone each time to check time. That's how I feel with my new Pierre Lannier watch and I couldn't wait to show it to you. This is one of my current favorites!

I am so in love with this watch that I wear it all day long. It goes well with all outfits, especially with formal and casual wear. But it is classy too to go with evening outfits.  After all, black is a versatile colour. I don't prefer watches with lot of stones and all those bling for daily wear. But this one is super simple and lovely. 

A classic black dial without numbers and the black-silver combination is elegant. The packaging is a simple black box. The model exists equally in white.

12 January 2015

♥ Winter weekend and a recipe

We have a very demotivating ambiance in Paris. The reign of terror hasn't ceased yet in the city and it is very cloudy and cold with rain. So I decided to stay in all weekend. 

I didn't want even to look out through the window. I was trying to stay all comfy with my winter socks on by the fireplace playing anti-monopoly with my friends. I have never played Monopoly before. And this is not the regular Monopoly game. It is called Anti-Monopoly and has got more or less similar rules. Well, I won.

5 December 2014

♥ What has been going on?

I am aware that I don't post regularly. Well, I didn't post at all for the past few months. Many things are going on in my life. As most of you know, I am in France and it is not easy to get settled in a foreign country. Finding a job in a European country and doing papers for getting Visa is truly tedious. That too when you are an Indian girl in early 20's and you get the pressure 'to let your parents do their duties' (you know what I mean Indian girls ;)), life is not completely pleasant. And I am in that phase, the 'struggling-to-be-myself' phase, without compromising much and without hurting anyone. A life of uncertainty which makes me worry. 

I even forgot the blog's 3rd anniversary which was on November. I miss blogging. I want to be regular, be in contact with all my blogger friends and readers. But I don't have the time to read other blogs except a few and even if I read, I couldn't comment. But I am seeing what is up on my fellow bloggers' blogs through Facebook. I'm not talking about the lack of time (though it is another reason). What I am talking about is how I am not able to concentrate on other beautiful things in life. 

My last blog post was posted after a very long time. But it makes me feel better. I pamper myself in all possible ways and I don't want to let myself down. And it helps. Not only that, this is a period where I understand what is life. Though there are lots of confusions in my mind not knowing how all is going to turn out, I notice that I have a clear side where I analyse and understand things better.

So, when you are feeling low, don't let yourself down. Encourage yourself. Be surrounded by people who support you and wish you good. Pamper yourself. Help others. See others life. Here I want to mention someone who boosted my hope. It is the page 'Humans of New York'. The pictures and the stories they share on the page show life in a different perspective. It makes me gain confidence.

But I am thankful that I am having understanding and helpful people around me. There are people who love me and make me feel alright. I am active in Facebook and Instagram. I'm trying to be as social as possible. If not I  have a small fear that I will break down. And I never miss the videos of my favorite youtubers.

So hoping to post as and when I can. Have a lot to tell you about my new stuff, my favorites, etc. Well, I wanted to rant somewhere (and to someone). Where can I do if not on my blog?

P.S: It's Christmas season! Happy Christmas everyone!! 

Take care