14 April 2014

♥ Wall Decoration - DIY

Last weekend, atlast I had enough time to spend for me. I have a lot of DIY ideas on my mind, but never found time to do them. So last weekend, I rejected all other plans and proposals to go out and decided to bring out my creativity.
(If you don't want the blah blah blahs, just jump to the demo part)

 I used to do crafting and painting (though I am no expert in all these :P ) when I was a kid. One thing which always fascinated me is Interior decoration. I can spend hours and hours browsing pictures of pretty interior decoration. My search words will be like 'princess room deco', 'pretty room deco ideas', 'room deco in pink', 'girly room decoration ideas', and the rest you can guess what they would be.

 But staying in a student room in a hostel can pose restrictions to your dreams of having a pretty room. You don't want to spend much on the room which is only temporary. And when you move out, removing everything and handing it back to the institution is tedious. But still I couldn't stop myself from imagining a pretty room. So I did a simple deco which will not spoil the walls and would be easy to remove and give you the happiness of being in a beautiful room.

Let's see how to do it...

   Things you will need   

Rubber mousse sheets, commonly known as craft foam (you can get it in ebay or in craft shop)
Pencils,pen/sketch (drawing stuff)
Erasers (to err is human :P )
Stencils (if you suck in drawing)
Fabric glue or a gummy thingy (I don't know how it is called) which resembles a clay

♥ How to be a smart shopping Rani with Coupon Rani

Women are known for shopping. We are specialists in shopping, not only for ourselves, but for everyone and everything. Shopping in general has become a woman-thing nowadays, that too with more and more online shopping websites, all we can do is 'never stop shopping'. We don't mind spending more bucks for something worth buying. But at the same time, we love to brag about the things for which we paid lesser than others. For this, we are always on the look out for some nice offers and discounts. 
For that 'hardcore shopper' in each for us, Coupon Rani is the one who can help.

Coupon Rani is a website giving us lots of deals and offers on the online shopping websites. You can find deals for everything from apparels to accessories, electronics, travel and food, home furnishing, etc. They cover nearly all major online shopping websites like Myntra.com, Jabong.com, Zovi.com; You name it, they have it.

2 April 2014

♥ A Firmoo Giveaway to win glasses of your choice!

Hey guys! How are you all doing? Spring is here. That means accessories! Glasses can prep up any outfit if they are chosen correctly. So, here's a Firmoo giveaway for you to choose whatever glasses you like. We will be choosing 5 winners this time and each one gets a gift voucher of $30. You can enter through the Rafflecopter widget below :)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

The winners can select glasses of their choice from this page http://www.firmoo.com/z/firmoo-sponsored-giveaway.html


1. This giveaway is open internationally (list of countries to where Firmoo ships
2. The giveaway starts on 03/04/2014, Thursday at 12 A.M. and ends on 29/04/2014, Friday at 12 P.M.
3. The voucher does not cover shipping cost. 

Enter the giveaway and win the glasses of your choice to sport a cool or nerdy look! 

Take care

5 March 2014

♥ Do you like Cotton Candy?-Outfit Post

I went searching for a white Jean and a white shirt (they are must-haves in the wardrobe!) for my birthday. I was skimming through some shops and entered Bershka and there....was this cutie skirt! Not only this. Bershka has amazingly pretty Spring Collection. Must check it out. I am eyeing some more pieces in the Collection which I hope to bring into my possesion soon (evil_ grin >...< ) :D

We had a beautiful sunny Sunday in Paris. So I made use of the day to flaunt my pretty skirt, and shoes..and stockings..and sunglasses...and all my Oh-so-pretty stuff!! So I'll do no more talking and let you see the pictures...

27 February 2014

♥ Yves Rocher PurCalmille Moisturizing Skin Cream

It seems that Yves Rocher is becoming my favourite brand when it comes to skin care. Most of the products I use is by Yves Rocher. 

Yves Rocher Purecalmille Moisturizing Skin Cream

When I finished my Herborist moisturizing cream, I continued the Biotique Bio-Coconut Whitening and Brightening cream as my daily moisturizer. But it seems too oily as a day moisturizer. So I searched for something light and effective and thus decided on Yves Rocher (it is bio too!).
Yves Rocher Purecalmille Moisturizing Skin Cream

22 February 2014

♥ MAC Russian Red

'When you want something, the universe conspires to bring it to you'. I believe in it. Atleast in this case. 
This is how it happened. 

MAC Russian Red

Since I never dared to wear a bright shade, I got a sample of MAC Russian Red from 'The Body Needs' to see how it looked on me. But what I liked more was the natural colour it gave my lips when applied slightly. I saved it preciously because it was like my holy grail lipstick. I wanted to buy a REAL RUSSIAN RED but I kept hesitating (dunno why. Maybe the price? or I'm lazy? 0-o ).